Zeolite Heavy Metal Detox

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Exposure to toxins starts even before we’re born. From the womb onwards we’re surrounded by chemicals. Many of these toxins are stored in cells in the body, causing damage over time.

Why detox?


• Store in your fat cells, making it hard and sometimes impossible to lose weight.

• Mess with your memory, clarity and focus, causing brain fog.

• Interfere with your immune system.

• Disrupt your endocrine systems, affecting your

energy, sleep and general quality of life.

• Can not be avoided! They are in the food that you eat,

the water you drink and the air you breathe.

There are many ways to rid your body of toxins. Some detox methods have to be supervised by a medical professional and put a lot of strain on an already weakened system- Chelation Therapy for example.

Another way is to drink an obscene amount of fresh green juices for an extended period of time, as well as taking a whole array of recommended supplements.

But, there is also a well documented natural way to trap heavy metals and safely expel them out of the body.- Liquid Zeolite in the form of Clinoptilolite.

How Does Zeolite Clinoptilolite Work to Detoxify?

Because of its negative charge and cage like structure of porous micro particles, it can trap positively charged ions (toxins) and free radicals and remove them from your body.

The effectiveness of the zeolite detox is due to the fact that the zeolite to toxin bond is practically impossible to break. Once bonded, the heavy metals can’t be removed nor left as a deposit in other areas of the body because they get neutralized inside the zeolite’s negatively charged field.

So once trapped, the toxins are flushed out of the body by slowly passing through the small intestines, where the villi covered with zeolite purify the bloodstream.

This chelation process takes just 5-7 hours, and acts like a normal bodily process, without impacting the kidneys or liver.

Health Benefits of a Zeolite Detox

There are many reasons why a zeolite detox may be beneficial at least once a year.

  • Combats bacterial infections and parasites,
  • Eliminates mycotoxins such as mould, yeast and fungal infections.
  • It is a great supplement for sports people. It increases energy levels (both mental and physical), helps fight fatigue, and gets energy levels back to normal after a workout.
  • It stimulates metabolism.
  • Reduces chronic inflammation and body pain.
  • It has a natural alkalizing effect on the body.
  • It also helps digestion and remedies acid reflux, candida and arthritis.

And the removal of heavy metals accumulated in the body, which seems to be one of the major reason for a variety of chronic ailments.

How to Detox with Zeolite

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Luckily there is an easy and effective way to safely get the benefits of a zeolite detox with the help of a small bottle and a few daily sprays under the tongue. The recommended time for a thorough cleanse is 6 months and after that to stay on a maintenance dose. pure-body, zeolite, detox

So, for a fast and successful detox, seek out a liquid zeolite that is cleansed for optimal detox, and sized to reach toxins throughout the body. As you reduce your toxic body burden you can expect to have more energy, sleep better, and experience more vibrant health.



Happy Detoxing,




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