How to Make New Year’s Resolutions And Stick to Them

It’s the 31 st of December and if you haven’t made at least one new year’s resolution by now, you might be too late….” Great”, some of you will think, “I never stick to them anyway, why make them?”

The Clock Strikes 12

Many of us have stumbled through life and the closest we’ve ever come to setting goals have been a few vague new year’s resolutions, or perhaps one or two I’m gonna…

We feel extremely content about running thorough a few, life changing ideas in our heads or perhaps writing them down on a piece of paper. The epiphany is euphoric and we tell ourselves that this time they’re for real and this time we’ll stick to them.

The glittery dress is layed out on the bed and the champagne is on ice! The lobster is cooked and the canapes are prepared. The list of resolutions is on the fridge to show anybody who sees it, that this year we mean business!

Most of the next day is spent in bed, with a wet flannel on the forehead and a forgotten list of resolutions…

Making the Right Resolutions

One of the easiest ways to stick to your resolutions is to only have one. Having multiple resolutions isn’t likely to work and humans are much better at making and sticking to only one change at a time.

It is said that it takes 30 days, or some other magic number, to develop a new habit which means sticking to your list of 12 resolutions might actually work after all! Just remember, only one change per month!

Start small with a resolution like, Drink More Water, or Eat More Fruit. These are easily attainable goals and you are much more likely to stick to them.

In few months, after you become a professional at developing new, better habits it could be time to tackle the bigger and more complex resolutions like Losing Weight. Losing weight is not just about shedding the kilos, it requires total commitment and combining a few different resolution like Learning How to Cook, Stop Spending Money Eating Out and Only Buy Healthy Ingredients.

Brush Yourself Off

Once you realise the psychology behind developing one new habit at a time, sticking to resolutions becomes a breeze.

Also, bear in mind, nobody is perfect and the likelihood of slipping up is very real. People give up on their goals when they experience setbacks or failure, so if you approach setbacks and your ensuing negative emotions with the right mind set, you will be more likely to bounce back.

This includes increasing your feelings of control by:

  • Learning about the process of achieving your goals.
  • Seeing the journey to your goals as an adventure.
  • Reexamining your actions to find things you might have done differently.
  • Realizing the fact that you have a second chance is a gift.
  • Knowing that persistence is a choice.

You also need make use of your frustration by:

  • Letting it fuel your focus.
  • Viewing frustration as a sign that you care.
  • Not blaming yourself and feeling inadequate.

Nobody is perfect, so brush yourself off and get back on that horse!

Be Accountable

Don’t keep your resolutions to yourself. Talk about them with your family and friends. When you have someone else to share your struggles and successes with, it makes the journey easier and less daunting. Most importantly, it keeps you inspired and motivated.

Tracking your progress may one of the easiest, and effective, ways to making your resolutions stick. There are many apps for logging results online if you like technology, or perhaps a simple journal is enough for some. Use coulourful pens, fancy stickers, ribbons and other ways to make your journalling more fun.

Enjoy the Oysters and Caviar

New Year’s Eve is about reflecting on the year passed, and wondering about what the coming year will hold for us.

It is a time when psychics reveal their premonitions and when astrologers make new, bolder charts.

We hunger for a glimpse of the future, but only you can make sure this next year turns out just the way you want.

Happy New 2019,






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